1st October 2016

Throne Mansion

In Jambuddeepa (India) the lay disciples of the Supreme Buddha practiced giving (dāna) in every possible way  They gave things not only to the monks but to recluses, poor people ,paupers, and travellers. They became so generous because of the Supreme Buddha’s teachings on giving. The Buddha’s teaching says even a very small amount of food or a very small piece of cloth given to the Supreme Buddha or to one of his disciples produces great fruit and benefit because they are the field of merits.

One day a very serene, calm and peaceful monk came to a house on his alms round. A certain girl, who had a lot of devotion for the Triple Gems, was very pleased to see the monk and respectfully welcomed and worshipped the monk respectfully. Then, she spread a piece  of smooth golden coloured cloth on a seat and offered the monk to be seated. With a very pleasant mind, she quickly prepared alms with what she had at home at the time. After the meal the monk gave her a Dhamma talk and left the place. The girl who became delighted at that meritorious deed offered that seat to the monk, and she sent a man to take it to the monk’s dwelling place. She recalled the meritorious deed she performed again and again with a very happy mind. After a few years she died of a severe illness and was born in Thavatimsa Heavenly World where she received a thousand goddesses as her  associates. The Heavenly Mansion that appeared for her was in a shape of a chair made of gold. She can  travel on that chair through the sky at any speed she wishes because of the power of her meritorious deed.

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