27th November 2016


The Background Story

This Dhamma discourse was delivered by the Supreme Buddha in Vēluwana Monastery in Rajagaha about a ghost with a mouth of a pig.

There was a monk in Kāsshapa Buddha’s Dispensation (the Buddha who appeared before the Buddha Gautama in this aeon itself). That monk was engaged in good conduct by body, but he was unable to keep his speech under his control. He insulted other monks, said rude and harsh words and scolded those around him with no obvious reason. Later on, he died and was reborn in hell where he suffered immensely for a long time. After that he was born as  a ghost at the foot of the Vulture’s Peak in the city of Rajagaha in the Gautama Buddha’s Dispensation. He was suffering from extreme hunger and unbearable thirst. His body was similar to the colour of gold but his face was that of a pig’s.

A monk named Nārada saw this ghost and asked as to why his body was glittering with gold and face was like a pig’s.

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