Namo Buddhaya!

Within an era of  Buddhist dispensation  if you donate or let go things, you  too would be benefitted at some point in this existence or in a later existence as a result of it.

If your donation is  for a good cause,  with a genuine intention,  it will bring  an  enormous happiness  to your  mind every time when it is recalled,   it  takes you  to a world of contented thoughts  that will last repetitively for the rest of your life for your own benefits..

Exceptional outstanding  force of such a  happiness achieved   within yourself as the beneficiary and the accumulation of good meritorious deeds, will lead you in the right direction to emancipate  you form the continual repetitive  cycle of birth and death, eventually to end up in bliss of non-existence.

Mahamevnawa meditation centres  worldwide compassionately offer you with good meritorious deeds  in return for  your donation which brings you the enormous happiness for your generosity.

We will really appreciate  your kind gesture and transfer our blessings for you to be free from all mental and physical  sufferings and afflictions.

If you wish to make a donation  to achieve an incalculable meritorious deeds please follow any modes of  transactions which is convenient and suitable to you.

(1) Direct Debit

Account Name: Mahamevnawa international meditation centre.
Sort code : 20-24-64
Bank: Barclays Bank
Branch Name: hounslow
Account No: 03036812

(2) sending money through Pay-pal



(3) Standing order

Please click here to download the Standing-Order-Form