24th May 2015

Mahamevnawa is a world reputed and well established organisation of buddhist monasteries, inaugurated in 1999 in Sri Lanka by most Ven Kiribathgoda Nananada Bhikku, for the purpose of spiritual development of the mankind in the Gauthama supreme Buddha's dispensation at the time of Supreme Bhudda's true doctrine and teachings were hardly known or practised.

The UK branch of Mahamevnawa was opened in 2007 under the guidance and advice by the most Ven Kiribathgodan Nananada Bhikku. This is the second overseas branch which has now been established in Billericay Essex.

Under the blessings and patronage of it's founder and the chief monk, it is now serving community by promoting loving kindness, compassion and peace regardless of religion, in order to develop a peaceful world with the help of profound teachings of Supreme Buddha.

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