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Meditation and Discussion

Meditation and Discussion

The mind, when developed cultivated and trained, leads to great benefits. We live society where on many occasions we stretch...

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20th December 201616
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Adults Sil Programme

Adults Sil Programme

It’s a busy, hectic and at times maddening world we live in. Our minds are a constant turmoil of wants,...

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4th June 201710
Buddhist Conference Hall
Meditation – Sinhala
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New Dhamma Programme

If your donation is  for a good cause,  with a genuine intention,  it will bring  an  enormous happiness  to your  mind every time when it is recalled,   it  takes you  to a world of contented thoughts  that will last repetitively for the rest of your life for your own benefits. Click here for more ….

“One who serves the sick and suffering, serves me. One who serves me, serves the sick and suffering.” – Lord Buddha

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